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Slightly Spalted

Slightly Spalted


 This Spalted  slab is truly unique piece of history and craftsmanship. This stunning white oak log was abandoned and set on fire, It was likely a fence post in it's youth, judging by the nails located near the core. The spalting in the wood adds a beautiful and subtle character to the piece, while the remnants of char from the fire provide a captivating visual and tactile texture. The 31" x 41" slab stands 18" tall, making it a versatile and striking addition to any space. This Taboo original design is not just a slab, but a conversation piece that tells a story of resilience and transformation.

  • Milled

    When we find a peculiar timber in nature, one that has fell a while ago, having a fair amount of  weathering and been drying  a while  we will mill it despite the risk of sawing into metal burried in the piece. The obscurities caused by the varies encounters with mankind and nature could be the difference between a piece of work and a work of art.

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